Assessing the Quality of the Steps to Reproduce in Bug Reports

Oscar Chaparro1, Carlos Bernal-Cárdenas1, Jing Lu2, Kevin Moran1, Andrian Marcus2,
Massimiliano Di Penta3, Denys Poshyvanyk1, and Vincent Ng2
1College of William and Mary, USA - 2The University of Texas at Dallas, USA - 3University of Sannio, Italy

This web page contains the replication package of our ESEC/FSE'19 paper. This README file provides more information about the package content. Any question about this package should be directed to Oscar Chaparro.

Evalution Data

ZIP file that contains the main data used in EULER's evaluation: bug reports, identified S2Rs, quality reports, survey, etc.


ZIP file that contains detailed results of EULER's evaluation: survey answers and EULER's accuracy.

Extra Data

ZIP file that contains extra evaluation data: APKs, app data, etc.