Detecting Missing Information in Bug Descriptions

Oscar Chaparro1, Jing Lu1, Fiorella Zampetti2, Laura Moreno3
Massimiliano Di Penta2, Andrian Marcus1, Gabriele Bavota4, Vincent Ng1
1The University of Texas at Dallas, USA - 2University of Sannio, Italy
3Colorado State University, USA - 4Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland

This web page contains the replication package of our ESEC/FSE 2017 paper. Each attached ZIP file below includes a README file that provides more information about its contents.

Pattern Catalog and Coding

ZIP file that contains the discourse pattern catalog and the set of coding criteria of our bug reports.

Bug Report Data set

ZIP file that contains the complete data set of bug reports used in this research, including parsed, preprocessed, and coded bug reports.

Program Implementations

ZIP file that contains our implementations regarding bug report preprocessing and our approach (DeMIBuD).

DeMIBuD's Accuracy Results

ZIP file that contains detailed accuracy results of our automated approach (DeMIBuD).