About ARENA...

What is ARENA?

ARENA is a tool that combines code analysis, software summarization, and software repository mining approaches to automatically generate release notes.

How does ARENA work?

ARENA identifies changes occurred in the commits performed between two releases of a software project, such as structural changes to the code, upgrades of external libraries used by the project, and changes in the licenses. Then, ARENA summarizes the code changes through an approach derived from code summarization. These changes are linked to information that ARENA extracts from commit notes and issue trackers, which is used to describe fixed bugs, new features, and open bugs related to the previous release. Finally, the release note is organized into categories and presented as a hierarchical HTML document, where details on each item can be expanded or collapsed, as needed.

Who is behind ARENA?

There are a few people involved in the ARENA project:

Where can I find more information about ARENA?

ARENA is described in detail in:

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